Event planning is a tough job. Sometimes, a little help is well received. That’s why nowadays event planners use technology as support for their daily tasks.

There are tons of app’s that are useful, but not all of them have manageable prices. Here’s where VelocEvent comes into the picture.

VelocEvent is described as a “simple and intuitive event app” for Conference, Event and Trade Shows Industry event professionals. Sounds cute, but… what’s the real deal? THE PRICE.

Usually these kinds of services are expensive. However, VelocEvent offers two interesting packages and a third one that is customizable:

  1. Launch It: Perfect for the aspiring event planner who is ready to apply technology at events or even the well-seasoned event professional who wants to switch from a different event app that isn’t delivering what was promised. Offers Basic Branding and Immediate Publishing for $995.00. Nevertheless, if your event has less than 100 invitees you won’t pay anything.
  2. Brand It: Includes all the features of Launch It product plus fully branded mobile apps.
  3. Customize It: Build the plan that suits you perfectly.

The main features of VelocEvent are: floor plan location tool, multi-track agenda and Google Drive data upload.

For more information, access www.velocevent.com.