Sky lanterns have embellished festivities for many centuries, especially in their country of origin: China. Stories tell that these mini hot air balloons were originally used to send signals and messages as part of military strategies. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until 2010 that they became popular all around the world. If you are wondering what happened during that year, the answer is simple: Tangled movie. If you saw it, you know what we are talking about.

Rapunzel used to look at the lights in the sky once every year. Those lights were sky lanterns from his hometown to honor her, because she was kidnapped as a kid. That’s why this particular item is so important in the film and that’s why it became so popular since 2010. Oh wait, and that’s why is a cool idea to seal an outdoor party with sky lanterns.

There is so much mysticism around them. Tradition says that every sky lantern that is released should carry a wish.

So, imagine: after good music, food, dancing, and some drinks, give your guests the opportunity to launch a sky lantern and create a beautiful context full of lights and hope over the horizon. For sure, it will be the best way to put an end to your party.

Remember that sky lanterns use fire, so they are dangerous items. Keep in hand safety instructions and take in consideration they are banned in 30 states of USA.

Is important to use them with precaution and read legal terms in your location before planning this kind of closure. Also remember to buy sky lanterns with bio-degradable fireproof rope and base, because these models will not represent a threat to wildlife. However, there’s always a risk. That’s why you need to check your surroundings and the direction of the wind.

If you are taking note, be precautious and… have fun!