Since ancient times, floral arches have been used to frame –naturally– important moments like coronations or weddings. They have been around for a long, long time, transforming an specific place into a wonderland.

Yes, we know. It’s obvious. We love floral arches! That’s why we wanted so bad to talk about them. They are still a trend, especially in weddings, because they add an unique, pure, and natural touch to that unforgettable moment. So, we’ll show you what they are all about.

When it comes to deciding what type of floral arch do you want, you’ll need to know if you’ll go for the “strictly natural way” or the “modern way”. That’s the first step. Clear your mind and choose.

The “strictly natural way” means that your floral arch will be formed only by elements of nature. In this case, designers will use trunks, branches and prefabricated wood to create the estructure. Then they’ll go on and decorate with greenery, drapings, ribbons, flowers, etc.

The “modern way” is also beautiful. The big difference is in the structure. This type of floral arch have a body made of plastic, steel or glass. It’s easier to manipulate and also easier to relocate, because usually it’s stronger and, at the same time, more flexible. Nevertheless, to have the whole package with just natural elements is always an advantage (artistically talking).

There’s a third type of floral arch. This one is part of the structure of your venue. We are talking about porches, doors, or cabins that just need greenery, flowers, and ribbons to be transformed into floral arches.

We know you can frame through a camera. However, picture this: a natural frame that will embellish every picture taken. Think about it. WE LOVE FLORAL ARCHES!