The best way to conquer your enemy is to know him well. In this case, the enemy is going to be your guest’s opinion and your goal is to transform that judgement into something positive for your event. One of the main keys to achieve such an objective is to hire the right entertainment for your social gathering.

You can make almost anything happen through entertainment. One of the vital things you could achieve is virality in Social Media. For corporate events and Product Launches, this point is really huge. Let’s see, it’s simple: if your guest likes the entertainer you hired, she/he will share videos or photographs about it through different Social Media accounts. The more people talking about your event, the higher chance you have of going viral… and you want to go viral.

No that we made that point, it’s time to know how to hire the right entertainers.

1. Know your audience

A well executed market research will let you know the main characteristics of your audience: trends they like, musicians or bands they hear, opinion generators they follow, how should you talk to them, what are they most likely to drink or eat, etc. With that information, you’ll have arguments when it comes to hiring your entertainers. If you care about your company’s image, don’t improvise. Be responsible and have good judgement, because here you’ll find the foundations of success.

2. Don’t forget basics

There’s no event without music. You can’t forget it. Every gathering, at least, needs a D.J. Adding a live band is always a plus. However, depending on your audience’s characteristics you’ll select the type of music, the sound levels and the genre of the live music band. Remember the goals of your event before making any choice: do you want to create a comfortable atmosphere for conversation, or do you want more dancing going on?

3. Make your guests part of it

Hire entertainers that will interact with your guests, to make your invitees feel welcomed and part of the fun. Musicians should interact with the audience, as well as magicians, contortionists, trenchers, etc.