Nowadays drones are a big trend inside the world of technology. They are everywhere and they are actually getting cheaper and cheaper, to expand the size of their market. That’s why every day is easier to buy a drone or to rent one for an event. Believe us, they are worth it!

Everyone is used to that photographer that will take pictures at the red carpet, at the entrance, or at the dance floor. But… how about a turn? With drones, you will be able to capture new angles and create memorable pics. So, we invite you to think out of the box.

Buy or rent a drone to get aerial videos or aerials photographs of your event. These two options will provide an exceptional material that shows every corner of your venue, for example, in just one pic. Also you´ll be able to do awesome group photographs, covering a range you won’t be able to cover with the typical photographer that goes from corner to corner.

For outdoor events they are way better. Picture this: beach wedding, beautiful natural backdrop, and 100 guests. Use the drone to record videos or to take photographs from the angle of the sea. Also use it to capture the immensity of the ocean, without leaving behind the ceremony that’s taking place in the shore.

If you are thinking about corporate events, drones are great to capture large groups of guests and that’s how you can show that you had great attendance numbers.

For the record, you can find in the market (rent or buy) different types of drones: with 3 propellers, with 4 propellers, with 6 propellers, and also with 8 propellers. Your choice should depend on the camera you’re going to hang on the drone, in case it’s not integrated

Remember: We suggest the use of drones as a complement, not as a replacement of the traditional photographer.

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