Your event should be everywhere. That’s what all hosts want, especially the ones that are organizing a corporate event. So, we thought on how we could help you be viral and reach new heights, and we came up with the idea of sharing our 2 favorite tools to broadcast live for free. They are powerful options and you won’t have any extra charges for using them.

The first one just came into the market and is already making a big impact. We are talking about the Live Stories of Instagram. This is the latest update from this popular Social Network. Now you are able to stream live through an Instagram story. The best thing? It’s free and easy to use. This feature also admits comments from users that are watching, something that will promote interaction. In general, you can feel free to stream whatever you wish. Just make sure you have a safe, strong, and fast Wi-Fi connection in your smartphone or tablet.

However, the bad side of Live Stories of Instagram is that you can only stream them with a mobile device, and you can only see them in a mobile device. If this is a problem for you, we bring you option number 2: You Tube Live Streaming.

This choice we just mentioned is a little more complicated to set up. Nevertheless, it’s still simple. The great advantage is that you’ll be able to stream through any device (phone, pc, laptop, etc.) and users will also be able to enjoy your content in any gadget that has access to Internet.

Remember that, to use any of these two options, you’ll need an account. That’s not a problem. Just create one if you still don’t have a profile on Instagram or a channel on You Tube.

Live Streaming is such a powerful tool. Don’t forget this. You can use it for those guests who couldn’t make it to your special occasion, or for that large audience that’s waiting for your Product Launch. From social to corporate. The sky is the limit folks!

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