It’s quite understandable to think that balloon decorations are just for kid’s parties. Nevertheless, that’s a wrong statement because you can do so much with some balloons and a couple of good ideas.

The people from Architecture Art Design developed some examples for different kind of parties, using balloons. Here are the 22 type of decorations they identified with this item:

  1. Photos hanging from balloons to create a chandelier over a table
  2. Water balloon slip and slide!
  3. Tie balloons to favor bags. They will be festive party decor, plus everyone wants to take home a balloon!
  4. Put a glow stick in balloons before inflating them. Provides fun lighting
  5. Lovely birthday party balloons
  6. Painted polka dot balloons
  7. Make confetti balloons
  8. Great decor for your birthday cake
  9. Make balloons with glow sticks in them and then float them in the pool
  10. Make mini balloon place-cards
  11. Make balloons blown up to different sizes and just taped them to the wall
  12. Great idea for a birthday party
  13. Add a paper cone to the balloons and you will get awesome ice cream balloons
  14. Balloons in a shape of fruit
  15. Make lovely balloons with confetti
  16. Make beautiful decorations with balloons for New Year’s Eve
  17. Make donut balloons
  18. Heart balloons for Valentine’s Day
  19. Paint the balloon in golden color
  20. Beautiful Christmas decor – ornaments balloons.
  21. Glue pompom on the balloons and you will get very cute decor for parties
  22. Make the balloons look magical with glued golden confetti

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