It’s time for you to get rid of pencils and papers when it comes to creating a guest list for your event. The future is here! Meet Attendium, an app that offers smarter management tools for any gathering you are planning.

Attedium lets you create events, guest lists and invitee profiles in few minutes. It’s easy to use, especially for people that are not into Microsoft Excel (another perfect tool for these kinds of assignments, but a harder one to use).

With those profiles, you can have easy access to the information of every guest, including his intention to attend or not attend to your event.

One of the great features of Attendium is that its servers are cloud-based. Another interesting characteristic is that this app lets you import information from Microsoft Excel.

Attendium works online and offline, which means that you’ll have access to your guest list even if your signal fails.

With Attendium everything is continuously synchronized. Use as many iPads, iPhones, Facebook and websites apps as you want without having to worry about importing, exporting or refreshing anything.

There’s a free trial available for everyone. Nevertheless, Attendium is not free and is not cheap either. A basic month of service is worth EUR 99.