You just got an invitation for a party and inside of it there’s the following instruction: cocktail attire. If you are wondering what is that, you are in the right place because we are about to explain it. Let’s go ahead!

The cocktail dress code was created to build a bridge between the informal attire and the formal attire. In a few words, is slightly less elegant than the semi-formal attire but not as relaxed as the casual attire.


A short dress will be just fine. Nevertheless, a blouse with a skirt is also perfect. You can select the color of the pieces depending on the venue and the time of your event: lighter tones for daylight and darker ones for nighttime. Remember to complete your outfit with fun jewelry and a cute clutch purse, evening bag or stylish wristlet.


For guys, the work is a lot easier when it comes to obey the cocktail attire. A sport coat or a dark suit with dress shirt, tie, leather dress shoes and dark socks is enough for most occasions. However, you can eliminate the jacket and use a sweater or sweater vest over the shirt. There’s millions of options, so let your imagination fly.