You just got an invitation for a party and inside of it there’s the following instruction: black tie attire. If you are wondering what is that, you are in the right place because we are about to explain it. Let’s go ahead!

The black tie dress code was created for social functions that start after 6:00 pm and are quite fancy. It’s just the top of the cream, after white tie, when we are talking about elegancy.

It’s traditional to find this kind of dress code in weddings or galas. Nevertheless, it has also been used for other types of occasions, like prom dances.


Girls usually enjoy the black tie attire, because most of them love to use long dresses. So a floor-length gown, high heels, long earrings, pearl necklace and a small purse are just enough elements to create an adequate outfit for an event that demands this dress code.


For guys it’s simple. Just remember what James Bond usually wears and try to copy it. Sounds funny but that’s a globalized example that fits everywhere. Take note: dark tuxedo, bow tie, dark socks and formal watch. The last item on the list is very important, so don’t forget it.