Aloha! Are you ready to organize a Hawaiian party? If you are, stay with us to know our latest tips for this kind of gathering.


Hawaiian parties have been around for long. It’s one of the all-time favorites, because they offer fun and comfortable attires, Caribbean drinks, great food, and paradisiac décor. Sounds good… no?


Well, if this is your choice, stick with us for some interesting ideas for your next Hawaiian party:


1. The first and most important thing to include is “A Lei” for every guest. They are those necklaces typically made of real flowers, silk flowers, nut, shells, or leaves. Put one on the neck of every invitee. That’s so Hawaiian!


2. Establish a dress code! In this case, ask all the guests to wear flower printed or “island” themed shirts, shorts or long pants. For girls, a beach dress is also a good option.


3. If you are doing an outdoor event, use tiki torches as decoration. The mood will be awesome. However, if your gathering is indoor, put the torches in the entrance of the house.


4. A Hawaiian party is a great opportunity to do some amazing drinks. One of the best ideas is to inject liquor to fruits. This kind of drink is for a big amount of people. Use many straws and offer to the whole party (watermelon with vodka o pineapple with vodka, for example).

5. To put the cherry on top of the pie, play some games with your guests. One of our favorites is the hula competition. You can put penalties to whoever loses, to make the game even more interesting that it is.