1. Outdoor Photo Shoot: Take the beautiful couple to open spaces, where they can be one with nature or one with gorgeous backdrops. Before the celebration, both can go to a beach, lake, river, or forest to be part of an original photo shoot that will portray the contrast between elegance and wildness. If you have no access to this kind of environments, or you just don’t have time, try with the pool areas of a hotel you think is mind-blowing or rent a house with spectacular outdoor areas.
  2. Country Photo Shoot: If you didn’t organize a rustic wedding, but you still want those country-like photos, don’t give up. Take time to go to a cornfield with your photographer. Use amazing contexts like barnes or farmhouses to complete the whole album. Also, take a horse ride with your couple. Believe us, you won’t regret it when you look at those photos. Remember: gown and tux always on.
  3. “In the making” Photo Shoot: You should capture every second of that special day. Hire a photographer that portrays the production process behind the bride’s amazing look: makeup and hairstyling. Show some natural gestures. That’s the real beauty of the moment!
  4. Bridesmaids Photo Shoot: Team up with those special girls you chose as bridesmaids to have fun in a photo shoot. The girls can toast with the bride, chat naturally and pose with funny faces during the session. Also, photos taken while the bridesmaids help her to get dressed are great.
  5. Groomsman Photo Shoot: Guys it’s your turn! Team up with the groom to do a great set of photos. The most common idea is to hold the groom, throw him in the air, and grab him again. That sequence will be delightful!
  6. Pet Photo Shoot: Is your pet one of the most important things in your life? Well, don’t you dare to leave him/her behind! Hold him/her, be by his/her side, and hug him/her. Great photos will appear if the love is real!
  7. Women’s Generational Photo Shoot: Your mother, your grandmother, and you. That’s a perfect crew to do a generational photo shoot. From panoramic photos to detail pics… you can try anything. One of the most popular is to bring to together the hands where the wedding ring is placed.
  8. Men’s Generational Photo Shoot: Same principle. Bring together the groom, his dad and his granddad, to portray the bloodline.
  9. Flower Girls Photo Shoot: If you have them, use them! These cute little girls will be a cute adhesion to your album. Let the bride play with them, while they are all being photographed.
  10. Transportation Photo Shoot: Are you riding a vintage car, a limo, or a luxurious truck for your wedding day? Whichever is your choice, you need to use it as part of a photo shoot.

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