The preparation of your wedding requires time and effort, being an intimate or a big celebration. The important thing is that you stay faithful to your tastes so the result will be what you have always dreamed of on that special day.

Taking care of every detail will make you go from something common to a unique and unforgettable event, that’s why you should:

1. Unify the style. Make all the elements of your wedding related to each other. The invitations, floral arrangements, the service at the table and the setting must follow the same thread so that everything is in harmony.

2. Choose the details well. Make sure that each one has a purpose within the set that they will enhance. It is not about having many objects but the right ones.

3. Include color notes. Although white is considered the color of weddings, the details in other tones will bring the wedding decoration to life. You can use up to three colors to combine.

4. Never improvise! Nothing you leave at random or for the last minute, can go as well as something planned with time. You can take the risk of having a wedding that does not carry your essence because of the hurry.

Never forget that you should start enjoying your big moment from the first day of planning!