When you have a banquet, doubts and insecurities usually arise about how to behave at the table, the rules and protocols to follow will make you look good at any time. We know that this is a real test and that’s why today we teach you a little bit more.

  • The napkin marks the beginning of everything:once you are located at the table, you should pose the napkin on your legs, avoiding sudden movements. You do not use it as a bib for anything in the world, and if you must get up for some reason, leave it on the right side of the plate, but make sure it is not fully extended or scattered.
  • Cutlery:must be placed in order of use from the outside in. Once you finish each dish, the hosts or waiters will pick them up and you can proceed to the next, so that you always have the cutlery right next to the hand you are going to use them with.
  • The language of cutlery:there are several theories, however, we are inclined to leave them on the plate without touching the table (one at 20:00 and the other at 16:00, as clockwise), when you have to take a break. While, at the end, they should be grouped in parallel in these bands, so that it is much easier for the waiter to remove the plate.
  • Never take the knife to your mouth!That is the job of the fork.
  • The bread protocol:if there is a knife near the basket, it is because there is butter to spread. The bread should never be chopped on the table with a knife, it must be done with the hand. That feeling of slicing the delicious bread, leave it for less informal moments.
  • Do not lean your elbows on the table:only the forearms and hands are allowed to support. Although most of the time we use only one hand to bring food to our mouths, the other should always be visible on the table.
  • Decent snacks!Remember that the amount of food you bring to your mouth should be proportional to the size of your mouth. You should never take giant bites, and of course, remember to chew and swallow and then take the next one. Never, never, read well: NEVER SPEAK WITH A FULL MOUTH.
  • The use of toothpicks:finally, after a good taste, it is time to cleanse yourself, but never do it in front of everyone at the table. For that there’s a bathroom.

Now you are ready to attend a banquet without the fear of making mistakes. Go with confidence!