2019 is just around the corner, but you still have time to plan an unforgettable party. If your New Year’s party has become monotonous, it’s time to bring it to life. Invite your family and friends to celebrate with style!

  • Plan the dinner several days in advance. Think of the menu you want to serve, buy all the ingredients, check that you have the amount of cutlery, plates, glasses and everything you need at the table. Also, take the time to prepare the food with enough time and serve it at a prudent hour so that you do not receive the New Year eating. Remember, that part of the essence of this festivity is sharing dinner with family and friends.
  • Create snacks and drinks stops. In every party, there should be snacks and drinks. If you are not offering trays, decorate tables with sweets, salty and drinks, it’s the perfect solution.
  • Have everything ready for the toast. Among the excitement of being reunited with family and friends, you can reach the time of the toast not being prepared. Count the number of people that will be attending, take out the drinks, cool the drinks and serve 5 minutes before 12:00 am.
  • Prepare a fabulous playlist. Music is essential to create the ideal environment. Choose topics that you know everyone will like. You can start with something soft and relaxed during dinner and go up the tone as the evening passes.
  • Fun can never be missed! You can make games with teams and challenges combined with a few drinks; creative photos, write predictions among all for the year to come or maybe make a karaoke.

Remember that you are closing a cycle in which you probably lived many things, both good and bad, and you will welcome the renewal that comes next year. The important thing is to initiate the new year with encouragement to achieve your tasks.

Happy New Year!