Pop Art is still so alive, because it’s modern and it’s colorful. Artists like Brazilian painter and sculptor Romero Brito keep the movement working and also transform it into trend. That’s why nowadays we see costumes or theme parties based on Pop Art.

We love Pop Art… and we really mean that. It’s expansive, meaningful, and original at the same time, even though it uses objects and images already created.

If you are having trouble deciding the theme of your next event, take a look at the next Pop Art Party Essentials and think about this beautiful and artistic option.

1. Colors Everywhere

There’s no Pop Art party without colors everywhere. We are talking about an art movement that uses lots of colors (specially vivid/bright ones) to communicate a message. Yellow, red, and blue are the most used colors for this occasion. Mix them to create a colorful environment (napkins, tablecloths, drapings, carpets, etc.).

2. Dialogue clipart

One of the most fun part of organizing a Pop Art party is using dialogue clipart. We are talking about those famous clouds, stars, circles, and squares used to portray dialogues or actions in, for example, comic books. You can design banners with them to decorate the venue of your event, or use them for your party props. For use, your guests will use them for pictures.

3. Costume or makeup

If we are talking about a party… why wont you ask for the whole package? You can set the tone by adding a dress code, which contemplates Pop Art style costumes and wigs, or just Pop Art Makeup. This will create the cartoonish mood you want to achieve with this kind of theme.

4. Superheroes

One of the most popular themes covered by Pop Art is superheroes. You can use comic book references on a candy table, for example: cupcakes, candies, cakes, napkins, etc.

5. Campbell’s

The can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup must be part of any Pop Art party. It’s the heart of this movement thanks to Andy Warhol, so don’t forget to use it. One creative way to do it is by transforming the can into the base of a centerpiece.